Generate Nutrition Profile for your member


The first thing to do after you have added your members name and email, is to generate their nutrition profile. This will set their goals for Caloric intake and Macros, which then shows up in their Member App when tracking, making it easier to stay within their goals.

  1. To do this you need to go to the members dash, and click on the programming panel for Nutrition on the right side, then click +GENERATE PROFILE, fill out the specs, then hit GENERATE

  2. Set the Macros
    *Note the total cal is auto calculated

  3. Name the Profile

  4. Select the start date (must be today or in future)

  5. Select which days of the week the profile applies to.
    *Note the weekly total cal is auto calculated based on the days of the week selected. If you notice the total not adding up be aware it doesn’t include days in the past, so if you are programming on a Tuesday and have selected a Monday here, it will not include that into the total until the next week.

  6. Hit SAVE (and send reminder if you want to notify your member)

  7. From here you can also assign additional profiles for different days (Yep even one for each day if you like). Simply hit +ADD PROFILE and fill out the details and assign the days of the week it applies to… rinse and repeat as required!

Keystone Admin