Coaching Portal - Getting Started


What is Keystone Coaching Portal?

The Coaching Portal is your window to all your members progress and programming. 

Assign them Meal Plans and Training Programs to follow and as they fill it out it flows straight back into the portal, allowing you to easily share precise Insights direct to their device.


Step 1 - Welcome to Keystone

  1. One click to launch your Coaching Portal registration.

  2. Fill out the form to set your brand and user/pass.

  3. Time to log into the Coaching Portal.

  4. Welcome to Keystone.

    Your Portal will load up your Members Listing – which of course will be empty, so let’s get you to add your first member…


Step 2 - Your 1st Member Profile


You’re going to create a profile & invite yourself to the Member App for a few reasons...

  • See how easy it is to generate a Member profile.

  • Invite members direct from the Portal, then see what they experience to get started.

  • So you can use the app yourself, seeing what assigned programming looks like for the member.

  1. Select “+ADD PROFILE”

    *IMPORTANT: For security, any Coach account emails must be different to their Member account email user logins

  2. Go to profile and select “GENERATE PROFILE”

  3. Generating a members nutrition profile automatically calculates macros. You can edit as desired here, or afterward in the Nutrition panel.

  4. Now the new Goal Plan Profile appears in their Nutrition panel you simply need to finalise, by naming and scheduling the start date and days of the week the profile applies to.


Step 3 - Your 1st Member Invite & login to the Member App

Now you’ve created your profile let’s invite yourself to the Member App…

  1. Check the desired member in the Member Listing

  2. Select “SEND INVITE”

  3. Check your email for the Invite and click launch the registration form.

  4. Once you’ve registered download the App and login with your new user/pass.

  5. Have a look from your members point of view. Think about how you’d like them to track Feelings & Body metrics. Get a look at how your Nutrition and Training programs appear for them too.


That’s it!

Now repeat this process to fill out your full list of members.

Keystone Admin