Keystone Testimonial - Brad & Carley from The Fit Shop


🎥🎥 Liv Jones interviews Brad and Carley from The Fit Shop (and a cameo from their gorgeous Ivy). 🎥🎥

They cover how the Keystone Platform is helping them spend less time on admin and less guesswork with better insight into transforming their members lives.

Brad currently manages 50 members through the Keystone Platform and that number keeps growing.

Shifting to Keystone has not only saved Brad hours spent on member tracking, but has streamlined the process, increased compliance and in turn improved client results.

Not only is he managing his 1 on 1 VIP clients on the platform, the ease of mentoring clients through the platform has meant online is no longer a formidable frontier, and Brad can set clients up quickly, easily, and check in compliance and results in just seconds with our amazing Trainer Dashboard.

Working with "Computer Nerds who Lift" means he has found the perfect partnership with Keystone, people who understand the "needs of the clients and the coaches" and has brought everything Coaches need to deliver results in one easy to use interface.

Like Brad I am sure you are tired of hours upon hours of moving between Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Nutrition Planforms, and more.

The truth is it can be easier, and it can result in more clients, achieving better results, and ultimately giving you back time for the other things in life.

Watch the video to see how much they love Keystone.

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