Why Your Macros and Calories NEVER Match


Your Macros will never match your calories.

It's such an important part of nutrition tracking to understand, yet remains a commonly misunderstood area. Here is industry gun, Layne Norton (PhD Nutrition Science) to take you through the basics in this 5 minute explainer.


"Have you ever logged a full day of food only to find that your macros and calories don't add up? This can be very frustrating for some people! In this video, I give you the reason why this happens, provide the best way to track, and give some tips for tracking alcohol."

Current Work:


  • BS in Biochemistry from Eckerd College with honors (>3.5 GPA) in 2004
  • PhD Nutritional Sciences with honors (>3.5 GPA), University of Illinois 2010

Thesis Title: Leucine is a critical factor determining protein quantity and quality to initiate muscle protein synthesis