Keystone Coaching Tips - Member Insights


Our goal for the insights is to give as much clarity as possible to our members on what has been working, but also give them a focus for the next 7 days.

Here’s some real-world examples.



This biggest thing with our feelings is we want them high on motivation, gratitude, sleep and stress.


If they are having low motivation it’s normally because they aren’t in touch with their WHY or EXPECTANCY in achieving their results, it could be because they feel like it’s taking too long to achieve the results, so they have HIGH DELAY.

I would combat this with them by reminding them of their WHY, or giving them a short goal to work towards that is process orientated. A lot of the time it’s because they feel like they aren’t WINNING anymore. The focus is to get them back onto feeling certainty that yes what they are doing is working.

What to post.

3-4 - It’s ok to have low motivation at times, but I want you to reconnect to your WHY, remember WHY you started, what drove you to take action, tap into that feeling. You aren’t always going to feel 100% motivated, but the difference between those who get results and those who always struggle is when motivation is low the ones that get results tap into the ATHLETES mindset and simply get the job done. Be the athlete over this next week.

5-6 - We want to get motivation up over the next week to a 6 or 7, it can waiver when we don’t feel like we are making progress, I want you to shift from a Outcome based goal over the next week to process based. Your goal is to hit 4 sessions at RBT and hit BETTER nutrition 6 out of 7 days. You do this and you will WIN your week of fitness, and when we win, we gain momentum and motivation…. Then the results follow.

7-8 - You are crushing, motivation is high, results are going well, inspire someone in the gym this week by lifting them up and motivating them, it will make you feel even better.


Gratitude is one of the most crucial things in life. You can’t achieve a positive outcome with a negative mind. When stress is high, sleep will be low, motivation will be low, and also then gratitude being low. The whole chicken or the egg scenario hits. I believe Gratitude actually comes first.

We all have so much to be thankful for in life, the air we breathe, the ability to train, the jobs we have or the family. Just like when you buy a new car, you start to see it everywhere because of your Reticular Activating System, you have a heightened sense of consciousness for the car so you see it everywhere, this works similar with gratitude and seeing positive things. If you book end your day with gratitude e.g. wake up in the morning and write down 3 things you are grateful for, and finish the day writing 3 things you were grateful for that day, you will have a heightened sense of awareness for the positive in your life and more positivity will happen.

Remind your clients this and also, it’s not what happens that counts, it’s how you react to it. It’s giving them a sense of ownership over their actions and the emotions they are choosing. Choose happiness, live with gratitude.

What to post.

3-4 - I want you to reflect and gain perspective. When life punches you in the face it’s easy to drop into victimhood, to feel like there is no point, but when we shift perspective to gratitude it pulls us out fast. I want you to write down 10 things you love about your life and yourself today, I want you to read them 10 times a day over the next week, trust me, your perspective will shift and your energy on a daily basis.

5-6 - You are getting there, simple task to nudge gratitude higher is to book end your day with gratitude, this increases the moments you see all around you (who wouldn’t want to see happiness continuously in their day). You can control what you do when you first wake up and when you go to bed. When you wake, write down 3 things you are grateful for, could be anything in your life, before you go to bed I want you to write down 3 things you were grateful for in that specific day.

Do this and your gratitude will be increasing in no time.

7-8 - Gratitude is linked to positivity and happiness, you are killing it. Want to know how to take it to the next level? The gift of giving. We always feel the best giving a present, you want to know the easiest present to give? Simply a compliment, I want you to go out of your way and compliment someone each day over the next 7 days and see how it makes you feel. Keep crushing it.


This is obviously a crucial factor to recovery and transformation, if you don’t sleep you crave everything you probably shouldn’t eat in quantities that you should probably avoid. If someone’s sleep is low, gives them insights of a sleep routine, or tell them to listen to a night time guided meditation (headspace) or drink some tulsi tea and turn off social media at least 30 minutes before bed (aim for 1hr), giving them a better sleep routine and minimum 7 hour sleep a night goal should see an increase in their sleep performance and this will them come across into their adherence to the other facets of the program.

What to post.

3-4 - When sleep is low, it feels like everything else is super hard. So we need to focus on this over the next week. Pick a time you are going to go to bed which is regular time, I want you to focus on hitting 7 hours of sleep and create a wind down routine. I like this.

2 hours before bed finish eating

1 hour before bed, tulsi tea to help calm the body

30 min before bed turn off screen time

15 min before sleep hop into bed and turn on a night time guided meditation, try headspace, it’s an app that is easy to use

Test this out over the next week and see how you go getting out of the sleep funk

5-6 - Time to take it up a notch and get you to a 7 out of 10 with sleep, we don’t just want quantity of hours now, we want quality of hours, I recommend getting this supplement Bioceuticals Ultra Muscleze and taking the recommended dose, this will help you increase the quality of your sleep making you feel more refreshed and recovered.

7-8 - Keep doing what you are doing, in a society riddled with insomnia and people feeling like they can’t sleep you are killing it. If you can bump yourself to min 7 ½ hours a night i would definitely aim for that and be asleep before 10pm.


This is a factor that is sometimes out of our control as a coach. There are a variety of ways to combat stress but it is hard at times to not sound condescending saying things like “simply choose better quality emotions”, so instead we can give them ideas around how to stay the course whilst feeling stress. You could remind them that when stressed it’s crucial to plan their nutrition in advance in keystone, have meal prep done, the less prepared the more likely it is to go down a spiral falling off the wagon. Also it is crucial to control your environment as much as possible when stressed, so remind them sleep is crucial, hydration is key, mediation helps most definitely. Ask them to sit for 5 minutes twice a day or when they feel overwhelmed and go through a breathing technique of 3 seconds breath in and 6 seconds breath out shifting them into a parasympathetic state and hopefully allowing them to calm their mind and stick to high quality choices when it comes into their transformation.

What to post.

3-4 - Stress is one of the biggest factors that holds people back from a body transformation. We get stressed because of 95% of the time external factors we can’t control, this triggers us to want to calm ourselves and we reach to food or alcohol for the feel good fix. I want you to create a list of the 5 triggers that push you towards self sabotage (over drinking and eating), and I want you to create an “if when, then” scenario. If we can consciously create an alternate scenario for our brain to choose in the situation we can start creating new habits that can combat the negativity that is stress.


If I had a long stressful day at work normally I go home and drink a bottle of wine to recover. instead replace with this;

When I have a long stressful day at work I will have a bath and listen to my favourite music for 30 minutes.

5-6 - I want you to focus on the power of breath. Anything can happen to you, but it’s how you respond that matters. When you are in a stressful experience over the next week, normally it shoves us into flight or fight mode (this is where poor decisions are made a lot of the time), instead I want you to shift your energy system, remind yourself you are in control, no one else. Breathe in for 3 seconds and out for 6 seconds, this calms the mind, and allows you to move through problems (or problem people) much easier, try to do this for 15-20 breaths (but even 3 breaths will do sometimes).

7-8 - You seem to be crushing it with your stress levels, Good work, to take it to the next level let’s try meditation for 10 minutes a day (even 2 minutes is fine to start). My favourite app is headspace, do it first thing in the morning, turn if on, sit there and follow the instructions. This will start to give you some super powers you didn’t even know you had.



When grabbing this data it is important to focus on all areas. Our clients need support that yes they are headed in the right direction.

You could include this every fortnight instead of every week with your check ins to show it trending, or every week if you choose.

The key is to be able to see what is happening and why.

The goal is to show body fat going down and also measurements. I would recommend once a month pushing out a 60 day body snapshot to show them truly how far they have come. Doing this separately from just your weekly check ins will increase their certainty that they are heading in the right direction and belief in the product.

If we aren’t trending in the right direction it’s good to let them know you will manipulate their training or nutrition based on this and check back in, in 7 days to see the changes, and stress not to worry because the results from A to B is not a straight line and for them to continue with the process.



Will come down to the individual. Personally I like to focus on the GOOD, BETTER, BEST system.


= Focus on hitting the calorie goal made up by 80% of whole foods, limiting processed foods to 20%. If a client can’t hit cals, this will be their focus, simply hit the good and get consistent and we will worry about your macro breakdown in 2 weeks. Remember they must feel like they are winning. So to achieve their GOOD nutrition is to hit with in 95% (+ or -) of their calorie goal.


= Better means they are focusing on their Calorie goal and also their Protein goal. We all know that for our clients to be able to achieve their protein goal whilst inside a calorie deficit is crucial so they can maintain their lean muscle mass as much as possible whilst inside a catabolic state.

To hit BETTER the goal is for is to hit with in 95% to cals and 95% to protein goal.


= Best nutrition is to aim for cals and macros with in 95% to target (+ or - 5%) This allows us to not only hit cals but set someone up to feel their most optimal and perform correctly with a protein fat and carbohydrate target hit giving them the best chance to recover and feel great.

Remember consistency is key, so you should get them to track everything, if they screw up, track it, because then we can accurately understand what went right and or wrong when coaching them to achieve and end goal.

Your comments for their nutrition would be giving them a goal of hitting a 7 day streak and a GOOD, BETTER or BEST goal also.


Lastly when we are looking into programming we want to look at 2 factors.

First off is NEAT (non exercise activity thermogenesis) dramatically dropping as this will happen whilst in a calorie deficit. The goal is for them to hit 7500 a day on average minimum or 53,000 steps a week. If they have an apple watch which uses the health app in apple it automatically updates inside keystone with the number of steps, or alternatively you can ask them to do a manual entry each night from their wearable device on how many steps they achieved that day.

Secondly we will be tracking their volume of training, for the most part with RBT members we want to see some form of progressive overload over the program with more reps or more weight lifted to increase the stimulus from the training.

Inside your notes in the programming section I would give them a step goal and also a volume goal, the easiest to manipulate is to ask them to increase the weight on their squat or deadlift days, if they can’t increase the weight tell them to punch out an extra rep or 2 until they can increase the weight. Remember, we want them doing more each week over the program so they feel a sense of achievement.